3 thoughts on “Youtube Videos

  1. its sad you had to do these videos and I know this stuff is not funny but the replies are precious

  2. Thank you,
    Since 3 weeks I have a dialogue with somebody from London. Yesterday she want to have money from me. Then I research her picture in Google. Here I find your picture and linked your official homepage. Now I am reading this information’s.
    Thank you again, you open my eyes.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. there’s a woman on hang out saying shes Nicki Sims Miaskog is her name there all she does is take your photos baby and send them to man your photos are too easy to download I know I canthe only reason I know is she can’t give me new photos or photos that aren’t online so she’s in Ghana to and I know you live in Illinois but she said she was born there and Ghana crazy

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