Victim of a scam?

Scams are becoming more and more common on the internet, with most of them originating in Nigeria. If you have been the victim of a scam, we ask that you inform the IC3 which is part of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. You can find the link here:

Filling out the form will help us stop people from taking advantage of others using our models images and videos.

To fill out the form, click the link above and proceed in the following manner:

* Click File a complaint

* Read the information on the next page and if you agree click “I Accept”

* Fill out the Incident Characteristics and when you choose the incident choose “Money” ,

and then

“Someone tried to trick you out of your money or identifying information (but NOT while buying, selling, or renting anything).”

and then

“Someone pretended to have romantic feelings for you and asked you for money”

* And then fill in your information involving the scam.

If you need our help in anyway, we will gladly assist.

10 thoughts on “Victim of a scam?

    • No that’s not me either. I never use another name other than “Nikki Sims” and only use the email addresses listed on my site “” or “”. I don’t use any messenger service or Skype.

  1. Hey there!! There is this girl, posing as you. I have told her, she was busted, but she keeps on. Her name is: Leslie Washington on Facebook. She claims, she lives here
    in Fort Wayne,Indiana . Just thought, you should know!!!

  2. Dear Nikki, I write since few weeks with a girl named Katherine Lewis. Now have I see that she has send pictures from you.
    She lives in Nigeria and yes she want money. Her email is
    I thi

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