The Real Me


I decided to make a site completely dedicated to fakers and fake profiles.

A little you should know about me…

I have never been to Ghana, Nigeria, The Philippines, England, Germany, Australia, Detroit, Florida etc and if I do decide to go on a vacation, you will only know about it when I tweet from my official twitter account @NikkiSims.

I live in Illinois and have all my life. I have never once lived in another state or country.

I have never and will never give out my phone number.

I have never and will never be an escort.

I do not have a Facebook account.  I did, but facebook deleted me because I was using my stage name and there were “explicit” photos on there.  That was deleted in 2012 which is when I stopped using facebook and moved to You can find me there at

I DO NOT IM people or randomly email people out of the blue. The only email addresses I use are:
nikki @
nikkisplaymates @
therealnikkisims @
nikki @



Anything else you may find, if it is not listed on THIS page, is a fake.

2 official profiles:

And my official site:

50 thoughts on “The Real Me

  1. Hi Niki
    Think you beautiful
    I want you to know there ia someone using your by the name of Anane Abrokwah also using you and your photos as her and I knew this so post her name so others will know as she is a big time scammer. Just hate when they make others look bad and ur so fine to be made to look bad. Says she is from Ghana. Just taking every one for a ride for money I will give email but just do not say where as I wanna bust her. have had it with fakers. “Melody Love”

  2. Yeah, used reverse image search to discover this fake profile. This person claimed that her real name was Melissa Braxton from Moody AL and was interested in dating it sounded like. She offered a real address there but claimed to not have access to a phone even though she stated she had a 9 year old daughter in the 4th grade. From a bit a searching I found out that you did indeed stop modeling in 2007 due to pregnancy but that would make her daughter only about 7. Thats what started my suspicions and to my surprise she admitted to being you and that she was no longer doing nude modeling now and that the Nikki Sims site and persona was being maintained by a former agent and no longer involved her. This person even went as far as to photoshop a picture of you with a young girl stating this was her daughter, I found the image they used on your site and it disturbed me to see they used a child’s image to further their agenda. I can provide a copy if interested. Anyway I did report the account to Facebook but at this time it is still active with 9 friends, all male. I am very concerned about them continuing this activity with others. Great page Nikki, thank you so much. It must suck being a public figure sometimes. Keep up the good work exposing this stuff though!


  3. There is a person using your photos who call her self Yarilin Cepeda in Nigeria. I met her on myspace. She start tell me she a model and she going to Nigeria to work for a couple of months. She then start asking me for money and credit card my information. Her email address is .


  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    here is another site that broke my sons heart. someone pretending to be the person in these pics started a conversation with him and he believed it was real. he is autistic and this person took advantage of him get this site removed by facebook please before they hurt anyone else. thank you.

  5. that was about as well and concise as you can say it .it seems you covered all the bases .I I think ill copy paste this and send it to Robert .I think more and more as joey said he is a scammer looking for persona;l info .no one with an IQ over 10 can be that stupid

  6. do you realize how many marriages you break up. this is not fair that you can manipulate our husbands to see your sites. you are married with a child, shame on you

    • I don’t know you or your man, nor am I a homewrecker so I don’t know what the fuck makes you think you can say I am the one breaking up marriages. I don’t personally contact anyone and say join my site or tell anyone they should leave their relationship. I have 0 control over what your man does, that’s your problem. If someone using my photos made your husband leave you then again that’s your problem and exactly what this site is about…scammers.

      Your man leaving you or wanting to leave you is entirely on you and him, not me, and I won’t sit here and be your scapegoat.

        • I got another email from you. You are clearly an idiot. If you have doubts on whether I’m real or not, join my site and chat with me LIVE, WITH SOUND, THIS MONDAY.

          Till then, FUCK OFF because you are being scammed and are too stupid to realize it.

          • Now I remember. You’re the same asshole that claimed to be married to me:

            “Well am not being mean but am with the actually nikki sims well that was her model name and am ganna say here her real name but nikki is a very beautiful lady to me and i was just wondering would be able to take both her sites down because come on now.. there’s no real nikki sims just on what’s on the internet and that’s it. and i don’t want every guy to look at my wife that’s not cool. So come on have a heart please, and if not then we’re ganna get an attorney and nikki sims will never exist. Thank you.”

            And I remember telling you to show me proof! So hot shot, show me your proof. Where’s the video I asked for. If you’re married to the real Nikki It shouldn’t be that hard.


  7. emily you should be happy your husband looks at hot girls on the net instead of going out and cheating on you .porn can be used as a great marriage tool if you guys share the experience together . embrace the fact that nikki s pics turn him on and when they do let him bang your brains out like you were newly weds .the fact that you blame her for your husband looking at adult sites is just wrong no one twisted his arm to join or Google her pics .there must be something lacking or tired in your marriage that he does .I would look to fix that and not blame others for your short comings .

  8. You can add in the line of scammers. I checked her out and found that the profile was on 69 sites. I should have done that before I let her take me on a ride. Hell I wanted to believe she was the real thing.Of coarse I’m not an avid follower of Nikki(sorry). This site helped me out a lot so keep up the good work

  9. I almost fell victim to one of these scams but figured it out in a few days. The person I was talking too was on Facebook and going by the name Edna Kirk. I made a comment on the photo and within 24 hours the account was closed but a new one has already taken its place. It pisses me off that they are using your images to scam people.

  10. Yes I have a woman texting me that’s she is you but not doing websites anymore. She chats me in text form and has put money in my bank account yes I said she puts money in my account. 1-323-835-1988 is her number that she uses.

  11. Hi Nikki

    I think you are adorable – we are born in the month February.
    I just have one question – what is your real height?

    You always look superb and gorgeous in all your pics.

    If I don’t get any response, I understand that you are busy.

    Happy Holidays

  12. like I said before Nikki this girl or might be a guy but you showed a video through the site of her in her bedroom I don’t know how she does it but it had to pause and you’re all your tattoo she had but when I ask for pictures she couldn’t send pictures I mean she could send pictures from online but not new pictures so that’s what made me think she’s not you which I know now she’s from Ghana not Illinois and I know you have a lot of Kwebsites and I say you should have money she says they don’t pay me which is crazy I just wanted to let you know this is kinda funny I lefther go coursewhat the cam on cam bothers me because I know it was her I saw them well you I guess it’s a new thing they do they can put you on cam I don’t know

  13. I met this woman online named Cynthia Morgan who claimed to be you. Every picture she has ever sent me is from your sites. She is in Lagos, Nigeria; her email is . She has even photocopied a picture of you holding a piece of paper that sayĆ¼s I LOVE YOU with my name on it. After being scammed out of $1000.00, I wised up but wish I had found out sooner!I acknowledge

  14. Hey Nikki,
    I always thought I was getting scammed and it goes back to like….2005… but I used to chat with someone claiming to be you on yahoo and also your brother… and then again on myspace and facebook. I could never tell if it was really you or not so I stopped. Anyway I saw a picture of you the other day and decided id check in and try to get to the bottom of who it was that always was trying to talk to me…. :) thanks for the info here!

    - Chanel

  15. I’ve seen so many fake scammers pretending to be Nikki. It’s just sad why they would want to do that to you. I know the real nikki when I see her. Many fake facebook profiles too that take your photos. You rock Nikki. Im joining your website next week. Do you still do camshows on Monday?

    • Thank you so much hun, and you’re right, it’s sad and sick that people use my pics and other model pics to scam people. I’m trying everything I can to spread the word and help others see what’s going on, but there are so many of them and so many people have already been brainwashed by these people that it’s just a never ending battle. I hope you enjoy my site and yes I still cam on Monday’s! :)

    • Yeah I’ve been seeing these for years, they use me and my photos to bait and switch. Someone calls in looking for me, they said I’m already booked or something and then tell you about the other girls they have. Totally illegal and every time I report one it just comes back later :/

  16. Hi Nikki,

    Today’s fake profile is here:
    says she is in Princeton, NJ.

    I Google searched the image and it brought me here to your website.
    It’s actually very rewarding and fulfilling to potentially really be in contact with you. My scamming began 4 or 5 years ago on by a woman who said she lived in Texas who’s name was nikki. We moved over to communicate through yahoo mail and texting and I even spoke to her a few times by phone. I sent her money to put time on her phone, fix her car, and get gas to drive to meet me in Memphis, Tenn. She never left Texas as I understood. I communicated with her after that a few times but never sent money. Then I saw multiple profiles with your photos all over the country, and I knew the scam was bigger than one woman in texas. I sent money though western union to Hilda Marquez so that is the real scammer. I even called the police in her town once with no luck.
    Thank you for putting up this website and the link to the FBI to report these scams and scammers. It was not until today, that I finally realized that you had nothing to do with this. People steal photos everyday from the net of pretty girls and then dumb guys believe what scammers tell them. They were very slick and well rehearsed to pull it all off. And I was very dumb and gullible.

  17. The nikki I knew from used your photos and a phone number of 407-965-5510. I have not texted or called it in years. Like I said probably Hilda Marquez or associates but now I am curious. I wonder if she used this number to scam others?

  18. Hello nikki was wondering i got contacted by someone called lida ashley and she put your picture as her just wanna get to the bottom of this….. here her email . are you currently in nigeria?

    • I am NOT in Nigeria, never have been, never will be. This person is a fake and just using my photos to try to get money from you. Don’t send anything and stop talking to “her”. If you’ve already sent money then I suggest you fill out a report through IC3.

  19. Hi Nikki, I would like for you to know that I met a woman online who claimed she was Nikki Sims. Her real name was Ashley Wilffert and she lived in Rotterdam AM Netherlands. It was back in December 2012. We were acquainted by Email, Messenger and even on the telephone. This woman shared with me quite a few photo’s of you. I fell head over heals in love with the woman in the photo’s-(You). She took me for about 750 Australian dollars at the time. This money was sent via western union to Rotterdam AM Netherlands. I was very heart broken at the time because I knew I was never going to meet this woman in person. I ended our relationship we had together. I have seen you/her again on dating sites; & Charming dating service, also she uses various names on these dating sites as well. In November 2013 she contacted me again via email. I will now share with you the email she sent to me.

    Hi Terry How is your present condition today and how is Lachlan also doing ?When I lost you the first time, that’s 10 to 11 months ago if my calculation tells me right we could have be together by now because you think the money i was asking was too much for you to raised and i can bet you that we could have be together for a very long time even Lachlan could by now have a little sister he can play around with her….All the same its all not lost since we are both alive and still live a single life we can still have me for me for the second time sure and only if you are not going to turn your back again on me …i hope this time you will not do that and u might have learn from your lessons because it was the worst heartbreak I had ever endured, and still remains the worst pain I have ever felt i never you were going to wake up one morning and tell me its over between us.. I tried to get “us” back, but things were too complicated ..but you have to promise me that it will never happened again or go back to a dating site to continue searching … .As I sit here writing you this letter with tears in my eyes, About the pictures you saw on the site …i will be honest with you and will never lied to you Terry …I needed money urgently to saved the life of my sick mother who was suffering from a cancer and doctors said she needs emergency surgery to survive and what really hurts my feelings up to date my mother never survive after all the necessary effort i made ,all the same i am no longer using that site and that’s why i came by the Nikki Sims .Remember i could have done the same thing for you assume if you were suffering from such sickness which could take away your life from the earth..I know i was never brought up to do that and i want you to bare that in mind.The only thing that is important now is that there is a reason why we found each other again. We should not take it for granted, and we certainly should not take each other for granted. I love you with all of my heart. I always have, and I always will. No one and nothing can make me change my mind this time. I know what is right, and I plan to fight for what I believe in. I believe in our love. Please believe in it too.I love you with all of my heart and soul. All that I am, I owe you. I will be there. “I’ll walk in the rain by your side, I’ll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand, I’ll do anything to keep you satisfied. I love you more than anybody can.”Terry, you will forever be loved and never forgotten. You will always have my heart no matter how far from me you are. I know in my soul, we will never be apart, because our souls are bonded by a love that knows no end. If God forbid, and transfer to me all the pain you are having right now, I would gladly take it, even if it leads me to stop breathing. For that is nothing compared to the joy, satisfaction and completion that the mere mention of your name brings me. For to hold that pain for you shall be my honor and privilege. I have nothing to be proud of but you.I love you now, I love you always..Haven’t said that…thank again for your beautiful pictures and i will soon take some snap short and email it to you babe…..My real name ASHLEY WILFFERT
    ADDRESS -94 Oudedijk Rotterdam AM Netherlands
    Nikki only if you would like to sweetheart? Please can we talk via email, messenger or phone. I would love to know who this woman is myself and i’m sure you are a little upset or angry with all this bullshit. I am too. Thank you for your time and please stay beautiful for me. Bye for sweetheart. Terry, xxx

  20. Hey nikki found some other chick using your pics. I can tell it’s a fake by the poor English and that they’re promising a hook up, coincidently near me

    They’re using that website.

    • No, I don’t have any Facebook accounts. If I did, it would be posted on my site, I would share it with people, give people the link to my profile etc. NONE of the Facebook profiles you see with my name or my photos and a different name are really me. Some are fan pages but again, not operated by me.

  21. There is a woman on face book claiming to be you Babe and she is very good, if she is not you. She is doing live stuff and everything, But I have not seen it for myself. I have never been able to get onto the site, but I have been charged for it. Also the is another girl I came across using your photos she is from South Africa she is on yahoo messenger her name is Kelly Smith Cole. Now even I know she is a scammer. What should I do about these fakers.


  23. Been a hugeee fan of yours forever. Since when I was 15 and just found out you could find b00bs on the interwebz, you were instantly my favorite. Since then I’ve just loved your work and now I’m 21.

    I really want to buy a membership but my credit card bill goes to my parents house so they can help keep an eye on my credit score (yes, I know I’m a pussy / idiot / whatever). Anyway I really want to purchase a membership to your website but the off chance my parents look over my bills it’d just be awkward I guess (yes, I know I’m 21 and a grown ass man, but like I said I’m a pussy).

    Anyway is there anyway I could buy a membership without it showing up on my credit card bill, or a method without using credit card or something like that?

    Anyway, thanks for your time, been loving your since puberty hahah



  24. I was also a victim of someone using your pics and different persona of Samantha Smith. She was Melbourne, Australia and so on. Thank you for having a pic of you with your sign in the bottom corner.

  25. Dear Nikki,
    First let me say You have been blessed and I am certain in more ways than one. I have been led to believe your name is really Dana Roland and You are from Bee Branch , Arkansas. The person that is falsely pretending to be you has scammed me for several hundred dollars before I found this site…How foolish I feel. Loneliness really sucks and when a beautiful woman like You comes along, any non-gay man would be on the doorstep to heaven having you as a wife. Good luck in the future and may your spirit find it’s way to God when you pass into eternity. I have quite a bit of respect for you not showing everything that you have been blessed with too! Some one Named Bonni Poole claiming to be in Dallas, Tx is also using your photos. Both of these scamers have multiple email addresses at both yahoo and gmail. If you’re curious as to what they are just ask.

  26. NIKKI, first of all, kudos for being one of the few and sensible women in the industry to create a site such as this. Fantastic. I’d also like to inform you that I’ve been following your stupendous content since 2007, and the transformation of the quality and overall sex appeal of your personality, modeling technique, and creativity is astounding. And all at the status of a “tease” model. Honestly, I think that way is genius, further pointing to what I opened with, you’re fucking SMART. Keep leaving it to the imagination of your viewers, it makes us feel more involved in my opinion. Enough about the sexy aspect though. Its surreal that you (allegedly) grew up in Naperville, shit that’s like 20 min give or take from where I grew up. Hell I have probably seen you in person and not realized it. Life is crazy like that I guess.
    Anyway, I am sorry that so many cases have been brought to your attention about scams and the like that you had to create a site such as this (but like I already said, smart move) and I hope that the selfish fucks who are trying to claim the gifts bestowed upon you affect the lifestyle with which you have forged for yourself.

    Sexy and smart. Someone like you: a pipe dream for men everywhere, and one man is going to be very lucky indeed.

    Take care Nikki, and stay smart and beautiful as long as you can. LEAVE IT TO THE IMAGINATION. I look forward to your next update.



  27. Hello. My name is Jon. Mills . I first saw your pictures when they showed up on Facebook as Nikki Scott. You claimed to be from Texas . And you claimed you wanted to be with me. I still have the pictures you sent me as Nikki Scott. You were claiming to be in Nigeria tending to your fathers estate saying you needed money. You text me several times claiming you love me and want to be with me. I very even spoke with you over the phone. Now your profile is off Facebook . Like an idiot I am . I sent you 150.00 dollars to James e salami. Which you claim was your lawyer. You even sent me a picture of the check you were getting. For over 100,000 dollars. . Now I read this in your bio. That you never been, to Nigeria . Something is up . Who is Nikki Scott? And why dies she use Nikki Simms pictures and claim shes in love with me. If it’s you be straight with me. And tell me where my money went.

    • People use my photos and information to scam people. They target unsuspecting people, tell them fake stories and lie to them about needing money, they promise to meet some day in the future or even to get married but it’s all fake. The money you sent did not go to me, nor did any of your emails,, and I was never the one communicating with you. These people have no goal other than to lie to you and scam you out of money, that’s why I made this site, to tell people that I am not the one doing it and that they’re not the only one getting scammed. I have no idea who Nikki Scott is, it’s just a name they created, the Facebook profile is also fake, and unfortunately everything they told you was a lie.

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