Other Fake Social Network Profiles

Instagram handle: igsprettyladies
local sex friends : http://paydirtdollars.com/pdd/trans/go/7/9/LL54 (*suspicious site warning*) Supposedly a cam girl there under the name “SPECIALBLONDY”

5 thoughts on “Other Fake Social Network Profiles

  1. People still go to myspace? Think I still have a profile there. when I was listening to Hoku (ho ) as in Don Ho’s daughter… who isn’t a real blond..

    Like advertising on an old page that doesn’t exist anymore.

  2. http://nikkisimsboobs.com/about.php

    A particularly insidious link because it sub-link’s to your own genuine webpage. Easily done and the average web surfer is easily duped.

  3. Kudo’s to you Nikki, I think its about time someone took the responsibility of exposing these scammers.

  4. Hi there… found another fake/scam-profile on Fuckbook… I reported the profile, hope it helps you ;-)
    Kind regards, Martin

  5. Here’s another. Goes by Nicole Marie. Claims to live in New Orleans.


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