I am officially done trying to help victims of a scam. It’s become quite obvious to me that it’s pointless and that I’m most likely doing more harm than good by giving out so much information in an attempt to prove that I’m real. I know that I’m real, my true fans, followers, and friends know that I’m real, and that’s all that matters. If you truly were the victim of a scam, I will still gladly accept any information you have to share and it will be added to this site in an effort to protect others. However, I will not provide any further “proof” to anyone, nor will I not tolerate being called a scammer and I urge my followers to do the same. Do not engage these people.

If you email me, Tweet me, Tweet anyone involved in my business, post on ID, in my site journal, or in this blog accusing me of being a scammer or I believe you to be phishing for information you will be blocked and/or banned. I’ve worked too hard and too long to be called a fake, a thief, a con artist, or a scammer and I’m not going to deal with it any longer. It’s absolutely ridiculous and a waste of my time to argue with someone that refuses to believe the truth even after I’ve slapped them in the face with it.

If you want to see for yourself that I’m real, you can see me LIVE on cam with AUDIO almost every Monday night for an hour on my site If you still don’t believe that I’m real after that, then there’s no help for you.

There goes the last fuck I will ever give on this topic. Wave to it before it dis….oops it’s gone.

K Thx Bai


3 thoughts on “DONE

  1. that is so much bullshit that video proves you’re fake,there is no way thats joey and you can so notice thats a wig you are wearing coming if you are going to do videos like these atleast make the effort seem real :P …………………..seriously tho lets hope these fucktards watch it and can process it into there tiny little brains

  2. I have know of Nikki Sims since 2000 or 2001. I will admit that I am not the follower or stalker type. So I did not know as much as I could have about you. Because I didn’t I did fall victim of a scam. I don’t blame you or think it was your fault. I’m enough of a man to say that I was foolish. Because of this site I have gained an education on dating scams.So I know that it does do some good. I have also been around the country many times,so I know that some people are assholes for which there is no help for.

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